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Content Marketing Case Study

Context Content works closely with technology investors NZS Capital, whose clients were keen to hear the company's insights into the semiconductor sector.

NZS executives asked Context Content the best way to clearly communicate their views and we suggested splitting the topic in three:

    -- An bylined op-ed covering the geopolitical and trade risks facing the  sector;

    -- An in-depth analysis of how a few key companies came to control the world's
       destiny; and

    -- A podcast examining why NZS is so optimistic about the future of the sector.

Individually and in combination, the three pieces of content far exceeded NZS's typical engagement metrics, while generating first meetings with institutional investors.

Bylined Op-Ed

First, we wrote and placed a bylined op-ed by NZS co-founder Brad Slingerlend that outlined why geopolitics may impact the semiconductor sector. 

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NZS CHips white paper screen capture.PNG

In-Depth Analysis

Then we wrote an in-depth analysis of why a few key companies play a critical role in this equally critical sector. As well as gong on the company's website, the article was promoted via Twitter, LinkedIn and was sent to subscribers to the company's weekly SITALWeek newsletter.

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Then we scripted, narrated, recorded and edited a podcast -- the company's first -- looking at why the future of the sector looks bright.

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For further information about our company and services, see a PDF of our brochure.

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