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Below is a collection of my media relations, corporate communications and content creation work to give you an idea of my experience and capabilities. I have a long track record pitching and placing byline articles in the most prestigious global media. 

I create content for media including digital print, online video, motion graphics, audio podcasts, social, brochures and headshot photography.


My work covers myriad topics including technology, communication services, health care, energy, industrials, and consumer discretionary and staples, in asset classes including global and US equities, options, fixed income and macro economics.

I've successfully pitched and written articles for portfolio managers, analysts and executives for Bloomberg, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters BreakingViews, Barron's, Pensions & Investments, MarketWatch, ThinkAdvisor, the ABF Journal, FundFire, the Hong Kong Economic Journal, Investment Week and La Economia, among others.

Bloomberg Opinion

During my time at Janus Henderson, I secured Nobel Laureate Myron Scholes and Head of Asset Allocation Ash Alankar the opportunity to be regular monthly contributors to Bloomberg News' Opinion sections. I pitched topics and researched and wrote the op-eds in conjunction with Myron and Ash.

Below are samples of these articles:


Bloomberg Wolves Are Back page one.jpg
bloomberg dire picture for stocks P1_1.jpg
bloomberg china trade war P1_1.jpg

The Financial Times

In addition to Bloomberg Opinion, I secured regular op-eds for Myron in the Financial Times and Reuters' Breaking Views strand, which I also wrote.

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Bloomberg Opinion
Financial Times

Wall Street Journal, Barron's, MarketWatch, P&I ... 

I have also pitched and written countless op-eds for current and former clients in leading publications on topics as diverse as passive versus active investing, gene therapy, immuno-oncology, software-as-a-service, zero-trust architectures, semiconductors, electric vehicles, house building, e-commerce, energy and artificial intelligence. 

Here is a small selection:

WSJ, Barron's, P&I
Barron's Electric Vehicles PDF.png
P&I Weil and Alankar.png
WSJ Dick Weil Column.jpg
ThinkAdvisor 361 Capital FOMO.JPG
P&I SBH high yield.JPG
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Taking a Multimedia Approach

Sometimes it's better to split up a complex topic into sub-themes, utilizing different media channels.

When technology investor NZS Capital said it wanted a comprehensive overview of the semiconductors market, I recommended a three-prong approach:

  • A byline article highlighting the geopolitical risks facing the sector, which I wrote and placed in MarketWatch;

  • An in-depth paper published on the company's website and via its weekly subscriber newsletter examining how a handful of companies came to control the sector, creating supply chain fragility and financial resilience; and

  • A radio-style podcast detailing why the future looks so bright for the sector, which I recorded, edited, produced and narrated.

By promoting this content via social media and media relations, and by writing a follow-up op-ed for MarketWatch, co-founder Brad Slingerlend was asked to appear on CNBC to discuss the topic, while others at the company were cited in articles on the topic by Bloomberg and the Washington Post, among others.

Individually and in combination, the work cemented the NZS team's credentials as the go-to experts on semiconductors and technology investing. The activity generated first meetings with institutional investors who subsequently awarded the company significant mandates.

Multimedia Approach
Business Insider chips.PNG

Additional Capabilities

In addition to writing articles, press releases, white papers, podcasts, website copy and other printed materials, I have extensive experience scripting, shooting and editing videos, including the creation of motion graphics for intros and outros.


I am also experienced in creating eye-catching brochures and layouts, for example newsletters.

Further capabilities include headshot photography and the use of high-end audio-visual equipment, including cameras, lighting, audio interfaces and microphones, to ensure that clients look and sound as professional as possible when appearing remotely on broadcast television news channels.

NZS Vieo screen capture.JPG
Additional Capabilities
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Dex McLuskey
Managing Partner
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